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Shrine of Chaos Ep 56: Gav Thorpe on Lost Primarchs & The Best Space Marine Chapter

June 25th, 2020

Dave interviews Gav Thorpe in this in-depth discussion about his writing process, some of the books he's written, what inspires new ideas, and how he's been contributing to the lore for decades.

Here are some questions he answers:

1. How did you start working for Games Workshop?

2. What were some of the first things you wrote for GW?

3. Were you always a writer?

4. What's your favourite Space Marine Chapter?

5. Who's your favourite Primarch?

6. Who would win between Horus and Leman Russ?

7. Which Primarch would win in a royal rumble style fight?

8. How was working with the other authors for the Battle of Terra?

9. What's your approach to writing a character?

10. What kind of sci-fi/book do you read?

11. If you could retcon one event in 40k what would it be?

12. If you could bring back a character (narratively) who would it be?

13. What are your thoughts on Lord Cypher, is he a good guy?

14. What's your favourite Xenos race?

15. What Eldar lore have you written?

16. tell us about the new Indomitus book you wrote